I conquered Cow Mountain

Cow Mountain is actually a beautiful stretch of deserted beach 30km from Hualien city. The beach consists of mud and small rocks and from there u can get a spectacular view of Cow Mountain.

Me and 5 other crazy people, decided to extend our limits and cycle to and fro for our Cow Mountain journey. Apart from the long winding roads that are way too steep for my leg muscles to endure, and the scorching sun which gave no mercy to this bunch of cute little cyclers, yeah… the trip’s alright

The arrived at the beach 3 hours after we departed, delighted to find ourselves a beautiful heaven in front of us. Before we enjoy our fruit of labor, we were shocked to be asked for maintenance fee, NT$50 per person. But the fee included a free drink which we desperately needed, so, what the heck, we just went for it.

The place is well conserved, not many visitors can be seen, leaving us with a big share of the beach.

There is knee-high mud all around the beach, and we used it as our ‘rejuvenating mud mask’. Although somewhat disgusting, it has a cooling effect, moisturizing our sun-ripened skin. The sea is not suitable for swimming, but we went and played with the water anyway.

I loved the time spent at that beach, but the journey will be the most memorable for me. To accomplish such a crazy feat, needs determination and courage. There are times we almost gave up, but deep down inside, there’s a brave little me, who wishes hard for me to go on.

6 hours of exhausting cycling, 2 hours of fun at the beach. It may seem unfair, but to me, it would be the most precious thing in my life.

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