[Epilogue] Home

AS I WRITE THIS LAST ENTRY, I am actually in the comfort of my own home sweet home in Malaysia. I wouldn’t say that the cycling trip changed me completely but it definitely made me appreciate my family and my home more.

11 days of traveling isn’t a very long time, but it isn’t short too, if you consider it to be one third of a month. I enjoyed myself a lot, especially the fact that I accomplished my personal dream and had fun along the way. The physical and emotional challenges that I conquered throughout the trip made me a stronger person; and it really does help to own a decent bike, thanks to my Giant Boulder; plus, traveling with positive and considerate companions made my trip worthwhile. But the most intense feeling I had the moment I completed the trip is that I really do miss home.

I MADE THE DECISION TO GO HOME the very same day I completed the journey. At that moment of time, I just knew I must forgo all my summer plans, sacrificing major arrangements to spend time back home with my family. And while I write from my home, I realized that wherever I may go, whatever dreams I may pursue, my home is still where my heart lies. Accompanying my mum to her social meetings, reading stories to my younger brother and making small talk with my sister haven’t been so rewarding and comforting as before.

I have no doubts that I would go on being a travel person, drifting from places to places, whether for relaxation or adventure, whether to experience different cultures or to meet new friends. I have no doubts that I would still love traveling. But, there is a part of me that changed during this journey, and that is I realize the importance of home and family to me.

I never regretted having biking circling Taiwan as my dream, and I adored every minute of it. Taiwan is indeed a very sweet and friendly place, and an ideal place for cycling, be it amateur or professional. Here’s congratulations and well done to me for achieving my dream, and thanks to my friends for cheering and going along with me all the way. Next up, my upcoming dream is to cycle across the central mountainous ridges of Taiwan while experiencing all the hilly scenes on it. So, best wishes to me for my next adventure!

To all blog readers out there, thanks for your support and HAPPY TRAVELING~ (I still hope you can leave a comment, hehe…)

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