[Epilogue] Live and Learn

THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS TO LEARN FROM LIFE. We know nothing about this world when we were born, but now we complain that we know too much. Indeed, learning can be a lifelong process, and no one can actually stop learning. Yet, there are different ways that lead to different learnings, and what I gained from my trip, was a lesson about life.

Travelling alone made me face myself, all my thoughts and fears, all my desires and suspicions. We are constantly too attached to our current lives that we often forget to find time for reflection. We wake up in the mornings, work or study through the day, play all weekend and sleep in the nights. In the end, I was shocked to find myself more and more desensitized by society. My feelings aren’t that vivid anymore. My smiles are not that genuine. My tears are not that sincere. This is when I realize the need to take a break for an opportunity to contemplate about everything.

I CAN SHARE some of my thoughts about the trip, but I could never share my feelings. They are too deep and personal that only we can understand. But here’s the moral of story: We live, we learn. Live as in living it all out. Learn as in learning to be wise. To live, we must first learn. If not, we will just pass through life, and not living it to its fullest.

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