Day 11 [NYC] I Want To Stay

THERE’S SO MUCH GOOD THINGS IN NEW YORK, the bad ones does not seem to matter anymore.


IN ADOLESCENT CLINIC, the residents and the attendings are so helpful and forgiving, it motivates us to learn hard. Even though I was sloppy when I took the patient’s history and while presenting the cases, Dr. Ipp did not give me the funny look. Instead, she told me that I did well, but gave me helpful comments. The resident, Amitha was totally helpful and kind.

Duing the noon journal club, the presentation was short and precise while the discussion was really educational. Dr. Zandieh who came in for the discussion, was giving all the comments and did really good teachings. Everyone was very involved and the talks are all focused yet still casual enough for jokes. Time is everything to them (sounds familiar?) and everything is done upfront to prevent delays.


AFTER GETTING OFF WORK, I toured the Greenwich Village, which turns out to be a perfect place for an evening stroll. This is a place where arts, social activism and cultures are all clashed together in the streets. This neighborhood is home to many writers including Herman Melville, Mark Twain and John Steinback. I even saw 75 1/2 Bedford Street, which used to be home to a writer, Edna St. Vincent.

Here lies USA’s largest private university, NYU. You’ll know you’re in NYU territory when you see all those purple flags hovering above the buildings. In its campus however, exists a Picasso stone art, which was said to be New York’s ugliest piece of art. I personally did not find it that irritating, although I have no idea what it meant whatsoever.

The neighbourhood is hip and cool, weird stores are all over the place selling vintage stuff, cookbooks, chess and much more. Even the fire department has its own hippy mural. The residential part of Greenwich Village is where I fell in love with. The streets are clean and quiet, the feel calm and relaxing. I can imagine myself living happily ever after in one of these beautiful houses.

MANY GOOD THINGS DO COME FREE IN NEW YORK (at least they do in the summer), when free concerts and performances are held out in the parks. Unfortunately, for my previous ones, Bon Jovi and Lang Lang, I was too far from the stage. Not wanting to be left out this time, I came to the East River Park early to catch a dance performance named ‘Contigo’. The park is at the lower east side of Manhattan, overlooking the East River and Brooklyn.

A man, a tall pole, a chair and a small black ball. That is all the props needed for Contigo. The acrobatic stunts turned out to be really awesome, which I am certain almost gave the old man sitting next to me a heart attack. Although the show was short (it lasted for only 30 minutes), it is worth the long walk here.

WITH SO MUCH FUN EVENTS, BEAUTIFUL NEIGHBOURHOODS, AND WONDERFUL COLLEAGUES, I’m very attracted to the city, so much that I may decide to stay here someday. Who knows?

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