Day 14 [NYC] Brooklyn Bridge, Gramercy Park, Flatiron and Garment District

THE REASON I WROTE THE CRAPPY TITLE is because it is hard to think up a theme to relate all things that I’ve experienced in a day. Having to do that everyday, and today being Sunday. I’m going to give myself a break, and please forgive me again for that lousy title. Remember how I kept repeating about how things are big here in New York? I’ll have to bore you again today with some of the big ones today.

THE US GENERAL POST OFFICE is not just big, it is GIGANTIC. I never knew post offices come in XXXXL sizes. There were more than 50 counters inside, but only 4 of them were open. (Yes, they do open on Sunday, and this one opens 24 hours a day). It ain’t no exaggeration to say that Asians are hard workers. Of all the 4 workers today, 3 of them are Chinese. We Chinese often work ourselves too hard, unlike the other races who take time off whenever they need it.

Opposite the post office is Madison Square Garden, one of the most famous arenas for world-class basketball championships, concerts and such. Few blocks away is Empire State Building, which is the tallest building in New York AGAIN, after the September 11 attack. And FYI, there was no King Kong climbing up this skyscraper the last time I checked. New York has the world’s largest and oldest Macy’s here but I did not have time for shopping so I just passed by.

GARMENT DISTRICT was just OK, there were many wholesale shops but nothing strikes my interests here (I started to be quite picky after all those visits to various neighbourhoods). The Flatiron building nearby on the other hand, is really something odd. Its dramatic triangular wedge shape produced wind currents and fantastic views that blow you away. The Gramercy Park is interesting as it is the only private, key protected park in New York City. 150 years ago, owners of this piece of land made the park their own exclusive land, and so iron gates still surround this beautiful lot from saliva-drooping tourists from coming in.

My friends insisted that I walk the Brooklyn Bridge at least once for the authentic feeling of being in New York. I did that and I now I thank them for their recommendation. The bridge was magnificent and the view of both Manhattan and Brooklyn was amazing. It was a 20 minute walk and be ready to be surrounded by tourists of all kinds. The wind was particularly strong when I arrived at the center of the bridge, pretty amazing huh?

Arriving in Boston, I found a cheap place for a quick snack. Their vegetable paninis are really bad, tasting like rotten cheese. I bought their New York cheesecake to share with my homestays and was glad to find that those were quite tasty. I then walked around the park looking back at Manhattan under the bright sun. I thought of staying until sunset, but it would then be too late, so I guess I’ll leave sunset for another day. No ending for this entry because it is my rest day, wait for the next one ok?

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