Day 26 [NYC] Goodbye Cornell

DEAR DIANNE FROM INTERNATIONAL OFFICE, thank you for helping me out during my application and finally arranging me such a wonderful elective. I will always remember your friendly smile. Thanks to everyone in the office too, for making my trip here possible.

DEAR NEWYORK-PRESBYSTERIAN CORNELL MEDICAL CENTER, thanks for giving me shelter as I complete my elective here for the past month. Although your cafeteria uses plenty of disposable non-recyclable utensils, I still HAVE to thank you for letting me have a seat every noon while I gobble down my lunch. Thank you for having such a variety of beautiful buildings so that I can take good photographs to show my friends. One thing worth mentioning is that although you are a top ranking hospital, your humility is indeed inspirational.

DEAR DR. MAURA FRANK, thanks for being my supervisor for the month. It is funny yet worrying seeing you running around the clinic because of the administrative stuff you have to deal with everyday. You told me that you were a teacher before deciding on becoming a doctor. I will always remember you as the sort of confused lady doctor, but with a genuine heart.

DEAR MARISSA, I will remember you as Dr. Frank’s secretary who loves to give hugs. I was so lucky to get to see you before you go to Barbados for that long-awaited vacation (Hope you have fun down there). Thank you for helping me so much, especially when I first started the rotation.

DEAR AMITHA, I will remember you as the fast-talking, innocent young resident with a big heart. Working with you all these weeks taught me a great deal about sincerity towards patients and their family. I hope you gain a little more weight because you always look so stressed out and malnourished. Anyways, good luck in your residency.

DEAR DR. CHANG, thank you for letting me do a concentration in Adolescent Medicine. You are one of the most nicest attending I have ever met! (This is not an exaggeration at all). All your suggestion and advice will be taken seriously, and it might be possible that I follow your footsteps in taking an Adolescent fellowship someday, who knows? All the best in your family and career, you will always be in my heart.

DEAR DR. IPP, thanks for being so nice and giving me plenty of opportunities to learn and improve. I will always remember you as the attending that is totally focused and concentrated during your work, and as a great teacher and role model.

DEAR LILLIAN, you will always remain as the first resident that made me feel at place during my electives here. When I first met you, I was in chaos and was suffering from jet lag. Your presence and guidance made me go on track and kick started me with a memorable experience. Thanks for the generosity!

DEAR INDIA, I will remember you as the fun hippy resident with a cute name. Your conversations always bring laughter and I hope you continue to spread happiness to all your patients.

DEAR SHARON HOSPITAL HERO, I know now why the hospital awarded you with this honor. With your kindness and enthusiasm, you are no doubt the friendliest nurse of the building. Thank you for making my learning a breeze and always helping out whenever I need something. Take care, and I hope you get to bring me to the Fair in the future.

DEAR NEW YORK, as much as I hate your hectic and dirty streets, I cherish you for your excitement and diversity. This is not the end of me here, even after I leave this time, I will definitely be back for something else. Thanks for making me see beyond differences and letting me learn how to survive in a city. Goodbye Cornell for now. Hello Albany next week.

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