Day 31 [DC & NYC] My One Month Anniversary

TIME SURE FLIES WHEN YOU’RE HAVING FUN. If not for the counter I did for all my entries, I would never have noticed that I’ve spent one full month in the States.

FOR THE CELEBRATION of the anniversary, I was lame enough to choose this auspicious day to come BACK to New York, where all began. I tried the Chinatown bus again, and for merely $25, the bus brought me from Rockville in Maryland to the Big Apple in 5 hours. The drive was just okay, nothing to complain about, and I’m sure the price will keep on attracting people like me for many years to come.

On the bus, I spent the 5 hours writing some of the entries, watching a little of Ugly Betty and So You Think You Can Dance from my laptop.

Coming back to the home that I came to know well for the past month, I settled down, unpacked, washed my dirty laundry, and dozed off for a couple of hours.

FOR THE REMAINING HOURS THAT I’M AWAKE,  I spent it skimming through the thousands of pictures I took for blog inspiration, choosing which to put on Photobucket, and start squeezing my creative juices to produce the entries. Other than dinner time and an occasional peek on other’s blogs, I actually contributed my whole anniversary day to the writing and creating of this BLOG.

I’m not complaining at all, as this IS my choice – to write one entry every single day of my trip. I look back to the past 30 days of entries as hard work and labor, but realizing at the same time, the great pieces of memory that I have created. For the sake of my entries, I look at my travels in search of a deeper meaning, instead of being the typical tourist with his many pictures of him and the attractions. The writing job may be painstaking, but I enjoy sharing, and I love all the feedback I can get.

SO, FOR THE ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY of Groovin’ USA, I wish myself creativity and vision, and I wish all readers happiness and health. I now admire myself for the persistency of writing, thanks for all the support!

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