Day 33 [NYC] Sweet, Hot And Saucy

SWEET – The Dylan Candy Store is definitely a good place for satisfying a SWEET tooth, they have some HOT stuff such as ‘chilli pepper jelly beans’ and SAUCY? Does chocolate sauce count as saucy? Anyway, this store does sell all things sweet, where you can buy Willy Wonka’s confectionaries (reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and many more sinful candies to choose from. The colorful setting and friendly staff attracts children and adults alike. If you search for a particular rare sweet or flavor, come here, and you’ll be surprise at what you’ll discover.

HOT – Central park can be real HOT and humid during summer, and you can always see SWEET looking kids having a great time. SAUCY? There are the occasional sexy looking fit female joggers and their dogs, saucy enough? This man-made piece of nature is very unique as it is a great place to escape Manhattan’s traffic, pollution and noise. Deep in the heart of the 800 something acres park, I myself can hardly imagine that I am in busy hectic New York because it seemed so rural and outback for me. New Yorkers love their parks a lot and there’s no weather hot enough to prevent them from coming here for the daily walks. All this green territory is good for the eyes as well as the heart. There’s The Lake, an awkwardly small lake that allows you to go steer rowboats that you can rent from the boathouse nearby. The reservoir on the other hand, is much more romantic, with its colorful flowers and the sailboats that floats on it. When I got to Turtle Pond, the signboard asked me to keep quiet and relax. But when I looked into the water, I had to resist myself from screaming because there must be hundreds or thousands of turtles stacking one on the other. I do not dislike turtles but when they come in such big numbers, it does feel a bit disgusting. Just beside the pond is The Great Lawn, a great big place for baseball and soccer and sometimes the Summer Concerts. Delacorte Theater sits next to the Turtle Pond and looks just like a small castle overlooking the lawn.

SAUCY – Chicago on Broadway is nothing but SAUCY. The plot (if you have seen the movie), is about an ordinary housewife who murdered her lover and is fighting for her case when she found stardom and immediately realized that she ought to be famous. This being my third Broadway show, I cannot help but to compare it to the previous two. I like Cirque Dreams, I love Hairspray, but know that I saw Chicago, I have to recommend it to anyone who is coming to New York. The vocals are really SWEET and the dance HOT. Choreographed in the Fosse style, the dance has a jazzy feel with a little bit of sex appeal. The performers have to sing, dance and act at the same time and I honor what they do, because they did a remarkably great job. For this show, I bought a rush ticket for $26.50. For a rush ticket, you just have to show up at the box office when they open and you can buy limited rush tickets set aside for that night. The seats are not too good, they are almost always partly blocked, but if you are on a budget, there nothing more to complain about. On comparison, the Cirque Dreams performers can dance but could not sing, Hairspray’s sing well but did a mediocre dance, but Chicago’s cast had all three talents plus perfect body figures and an added personality into it. Their orchestra performed live to a perfect show. I would die to watch it all over again, and that is how good they are!

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