Day 37 [Albany] Feedin’ Myself With A Budget

DURING MY TWO WEEKS STAY IN ALBANY, I’ll be living in an Indian doctor’s apartment, which although is not big and luxurious as you may think, it is decent enough for me to stay and enjoy my days here. I got used to my convenient lifestyle back in New York City that everything here seems like a chore. And since the Indian doctor is not staying in this apartment with me, I had to take care of myself when I am here. My meals were prepared by my homestay uncle back then, there were subways and buses that run on a timely fashion, and I did not have to do my laundry. But here, everything is really simple, I mean ancient simple.

For my laundry, I had to go buy some detergent of some kind because I do not want to use too much money for sending it to a laundry. I used the bath tub as a washing machine and hung my clothes on the window because they don’t have a place to hang my clothes here. The moment I got thirsty, I realized that they do not have a water purifier. The nearest convenience store is half a mile away, and I don’t want to spend money for water. I found a pot (no kettle in the house), and boiled myself some water and then cooled it in the refrigerator.

THE GOOD NEWS IS, there is a stove and some basic cooking utensils in the kitchen. Having a strict budget after the fact that I used up too much in New York City, I decided to buy cheap vegetables and cook myself all the meals I need. The nearest place for groceries and fresh produce is Price Chopper which is a mile away (and is nowhere consider big in New York’s standard). Anyways, I bought all the vegetables with a sign saying ‘SALE’ or ‘Cheap’ or the sorts. My bill total up to $25 for produce I hope is enough for my whole two weeks.

Back in the kitchen, I had difficulties finding a chopping board, and I had to improvise and use a metal plate as one. I did cook up satisfactory and fulfilling meals for these two days. And I am sure I won’t get myself hungry.

*** CAM of the day ***

Soybean (Glycine max)
Everybody’s heard of soybean and how nutritious it can be. It is a really good source of protein, especially for vegetarians like me. And for menopausal women, it can also serve as a treatment for those irritating symptoms such as hot flashes without the need of synthetic hormones. Soy contains phytoestrogens that mimics the hormones in a women’s body, and its isoflavones is said to be protective against some cancers. We the Chinese are very familiar with soy products such as soymilk, soya sauce and tofu. Tempeh is also a tasty alternative for getiting soy into the diet. With or without menopause, we will definitely benefit from eating more soy.

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