Day 39 [Albany] No Flesh For Me

HAVING WATCHED BEE MOVIE YESTERDAY, I now feel a little bit reluctant to eat honey. This movie is about a bee who talks (all bees talk in the movie, I wonder if they do so too in real life), found out that their species are being exploited by the humans to make honey for them. Hence, he started collecting evidence and in the and won the trial of suing the honey factories and got back all the honey. It was totally hilarious, I laughed a lot, but I kinda thought that it has a deeper message.

I’ve been a vegetarian for 10 years now, and I’m proud of it. When I recall how I started NOT eating meat, I have only a vague memory of coming back home one day and decided in my mind that I would change. Many people are vegetarians because of a purpose. It is interesting to know that many of the religions that originated from India, such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism all prohibits the killing of another life for food. There are also plenty of people who went vegan because of health purposes, and these people often go organic or raw as well (these are the ones I almost always meet in the center). And with the climate change agenda heating up, many more are choosing to avoid meats just for the sake of reducing the impact of the farms on the environment.

As for me, I would say that I am a combination of all the above. I agree with the Buddhist teachings of compassion, I do try to eat and live healthily, and I am very much concerned about the environment. But another thing I reasoned out is that I also have the feeling that I am doing this for the animals. I feel more at peace without meats on my plate because I cannot wipe out the scenes of how the slaughtering went and could not get myself to swallow their flesh. Bee Movie has indeed made me rethink the reason behind me giving up meats altogether.

Having said that, please do not be angry or sad if you are not a vegetarian because I am not being judgemental here. I do not generally go around pointing fingers at people and saying that they are inhumane because we have different practices. Everyone has his or her own ‘issue’ that he is most concerned of, a personal mission in life that they fight for. Some people are very into the politics, wanting a change for the country; others may feel responsible for their families, or some for their friends; mine just happened to be for the animals.

All in all, I would always remind myself to be open to all thoughts and ideas. It does not harm us to think a wee bit more right? Try to get a deeper message out of the daily conversations we have, and from the media and happenings around us. Bee Movie can be just pure entertainment, but it can also be educational, at least it did for me.

*** CAM of the day ***

Anti-Inflammatory Diet
Those who have heard of Arachidonic Acid must know that this little thing is involved in the inflammatory process of our body. So, for those people who are chronically in an inflammatory state, or is currently in an inflammation, an integrative physician would recommend eliminating all arachidonic acids from the diet, just to prevent too much inflammation, and without the use of steroids or NSAIDs. What they do is they would try to amend the ratio between your Omega 6 and Omega 3 levels by reducing the amounts of saturated fats, cutting down foods with Omega 6 and increasing Omega 3 intake. To get into the diet, a nutritionist or physician would ask you to write down a diary of what you would eat everyday in a week, and work out a step by step solution of cutting off foods or introducing new ones. I haven’t tried it yet, but there are scientific reports about its efficacy, and if I learn more about it, maybe I can suggest this to anyone who needs it.

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