Day 44 [Albany] Tashi Dele

WITH THE ‘FREE TIBET’ agenda sizzling hot in the news, it is hard not to notice this mysterious yet simple country in the Himalayas. Lisa is a fan of Tibetan Buddhism, and I am very fascinated with the religion too. I remember during a class in my course of ‘World’s religion’, I was very much impressed by the way the Tibetans live their lives in perfect harmony with nature and with each other.

Lisa ‘made’ me watch two movies about Tibet today. The first one is ‘Kundun’ which is the story of the fourteenth and current Dalai Lama. Other than beautiful landscapes and mystical Tibetan music, the film is also one of the most truthful movie I have ever seen. It potrays Dalai Lama as a leader of the Tibetans, yet showing us his fear and vulnerability, which is so much more human. It also introduces the traditional way of the Tibetan living, on their views on living and dying, and also their ultimate respect and honor towards their religion. The film is heartbreaking in a way that Tibetans are not given the chance to live their lives peacefully. They are indeed peace-loving people, with no bad intentions towards the outside world.

The other film, The Cup, is a humorous film about how the young monks transition into the modern world, with a message about the lives of the new Tibetans adjusting in India. The director, Khyentse Norbu, is a cute monk himself, and according to Lisa, he is very involved in community services too. Although a fun film to watch, its dialogs and scenes all give a deeper message.

Thanks to Lisa, I now have a more concrete knowledge about the Tibetans, and is definitely Pro-Tibet. They are a very different people, and they deserve the right to rule themselves.

*** CAM of the day ***

Cranberry (Vaccinium oxycoccus)
Cranberries have been known for centuries for aiding in urinary tract infections. There is a compound in the cranberry juice that binds on to the genitourinary tract thus help eliminating harmful bacterias from growing. Although most likely to be beneficial, you should definitely try to get the unsweetened concentrates. Drinking lots of water with cranberry juice can help speed up the recovery process of UTIs.

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