Day 52 [NYC] Yummy Munch Crunch

NEW YORK, the capital of the world, the crossroads of the universe, is also the mecca of all sorts of cuisines. New York is so packed with food, it is named after a wonderful fruit, the Big Apple (that’s a joke, in case you do not get it).

I definitely gained quite a few pounds during my stay here, and you cannot blame me because there are so much to eat and taste. I am a vegetarian and I am already spoilt for choices, imagine if I’m not? One of the interesting places I dined in is the Sacred Chow near the Washington Park. This vegan bistro is so cute, the logo is a meditating cow, and the menu is all hippy and cool. The place offers healthy delicious food with no meats, and mostly gluten free. Their specialties are small tapas appetizers that you can order in multiples to make up a meal. I ordered three of them, the hummus of the day, grilled western tofu and tofu spa salad. My favorite would be the hummus, partly because I loved its crunchy crosstinis. They also have all kinds of lactose free desserts and organic beer if you want.

If you think New York is unhealthy fast food nation, think again. It might be crowded with all sorts of fast food stores, but there are healthy options too. I found Better Burger and loved it. This New York franchise serves organic tofu and veggie burgers with all sorts of healthier sides such as air baked fries and organic smoothies. I loved its organic veggie chilli and is determined to get more of it if there’s time. This shack is absolutely a better alternative to conventional fast food.

Haagan Dazs ice cream is much more affordable here in New York. Contrary to our beliefs, Haagan Dazs is founded in New York and not in some European country. Two polish immigrants started this ice cream brand here in Bronx, New York and since then made the whole world go gaga for them. I tried the chocolate flavor and was happy to say that it does live up to its legend. Another brand of ice cream is the Ben & Jerry’s. During my observership at the Integrative Center, a lady confessed that she always had this craving for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. You can check their website out and probably fall in love with them instantly. This company is so seriously dedicated to its community and the underprivileged many of its flavors are dedicated to them. I tried the chocolate chip cookie dough which is one of its top favorites. The site even has a graveyard for all those retired flavors, which is so COOL!

To tell you the truth, I don’t mind gaining some weight for trying all these fantastic food. Good food does not come easily, you’ll have to cherish what you have when you have it.

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