Day 54 [NYC – Malaysia] Cancel The Day

AS I AM STILL NEW TO LONG HAUL TRAVEL, differences in time zones and jet lagging are still new phenomenons for me. I bid farewell to New York yesterday night and went on board the Malaysia Airlines 20 hours flight back to Kuala Lumpur. If I were to calculate, I would only spend 12 hours on the 29th of August, making this the shortest day of my lifetime.

Short or not, the 20 hours seemed like forever for me. Although I’m glad that the plane was not filled up and I had one extra seat empty beside me, the dehydration and lack of sleep still made me uncomfortable. I did watch 4 movies and played all those games on their in-flight entertainment out of boredom. When you spend so many time on a flight, it makes you feel like a ‘pig’. You eat and then you sleep, and when time’s up, they wake you up to feed you again. They don’t do this for meals only, even for drinks and snacks, they had to make sure you had your share before letting you doze off again.

Before we landed, I was pleasantly surprised by the playing of an introduction video to KL International Airport and to touring Malaysia. The video presentation was really well hosted, sophisticated yet informative and vibrant at the same way. Seeing this and also being the eve of our Independence Day, I felt very patriotic and was really proud of my home country – Malaysia.

AS THERE WERE ONLY 12 HOURS TO THIS DAY, this entry is not meant to be too long. However, please do remember, all that is not said, is even more worthwhile.

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