The Top Tens

I WAS VERY MUCH OVERWHELMED with my two months trip to the States. Most things do not come free at the Land of the Free but here are the Top Ten Free Things To Do In New York by me.

10. People watch in Financial District
Take your lunch and sit near Wall Street at any park or pedestrian walkway with all the coat-wearing executives.

9. Look out for street performances
New York is filled with lots of street performers, especially in subway stations and parks. Most performers are well prepared to awe you but nonetheless despite the variable quality of the show, the crowds and tourists all give you excitement.

8. Stroll along Greenwich Village
Just a short walk in Greenwich Village and you’ll fall in love with it. Quiet streets, small cafes, eccentric shops, all these and the trees and residences.

7. Harlem walking tour
Although caution is advised, Harlem is still an unforgettable place to be in. Try soul food while you’re here (not for free of course), and be sure to bring a guide book that tells you all of its history.

6. Take in an adventure in Central Park
Not quite an adventure, but the closest you’ll get to nature in Manhattan itself. Very big and green, I like how its landscape differs in each area, giving you plenty to see.

5. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge, and…. look back
The beautiful Brooklyn Bridge deserves a walk on a pleasant day, and be rewarded with high speed breeze on top of the bridge and the spectacular New York skyline when you arrive Brooklyn.

4. Visit the galleries in Chelsea
The galleries in Chelsea are free and I loved the art pieces that show more realisitic and human side of art. All galleries are unique and I get to talk to some of the artists to get an insight of the art profession.

3. Catch free performances in parks
Bryant Park and Central Park all host free good quality performances during summer and throughout the year. I particularly loved the Broadway in Bryant Park show, where various Broadway stars come and perform their favorites from the show itself.

2. The Staten Island ferry
Board the free Staten Island ferry and take a closer look at the Statue of Liberty. You’ll get two chances to be near her when you travel to and fro.

1. Stand at the Times Square intersection
Millions of tourists stand at the small patch of intersection in Times Square everyday and you will definitely see why they love doing that so much. Being in the middle of all the lights and sounds of Times Square gave me the euphoric experience of standing at the center of the world. This is why I rank this as the best free thing to do in New York!

Not Free But Worth Your Money
– Go see a Broadway show
– Ascend to the Top of the Rock observation deck
– Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art
– Luxurious dinner of your choice
– Shop til you drop in Woodbury

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