Day 10 [Dharamsala] Recuperate

THIS IS GOING TO BE A SHORT ONE. Other than 20 hours of sleeping, I don’t have much to write about today.

And so the four of us arrived yesterday night and found ourselves a cottage room to share, with each of us paying Rs 200 for hot showers and TV included. This morning, I felt really bad, worse than the previous days. So bad, I could not get myself up for breakfast.

It was raining real hard, but the others had to go sight-seeing, which leaves me recuperating alone in the room. Afternoon came, and it got worse. I had to drag myself to a Tibetan doctor, so that I don’t get sent to a hospital.

I decided to try a traditional Amchi clinic. The doctor was super helpful, speaks very good English, and took time giving me a long list of advice. The fees summed up to Rs 150, and I got small round balls of herbs as medicine, which I was instructed to chew before swallowing. The medicine tasted bitter, but nothing worse compared to my bodily pains.

Outside the clinic, I made friends with a Japanese lady in her thirties, Yoshie, who was also ill, and we were sick friends. I have to comment her for being able to laugh at my silly jokes while having high fever. Very brave!

I had to leave my travel companions and checked myself into Dhensum Guesthouse. The room is cleaner and has a private bathroom. I had to pay more but I guess this is an investment I have to make for my recovery. Lucky me, the guesthouse is run by several Tibetan monks, all very friendly. Once they know I was sick, they started checking on me, always offering help or food.

So that’s the fuzzy details that I remember, the others don’t matter because they either happened on my bed or in the bathroom, and trust me, you won’t want to know gore ones!

My new room with clean sheets and excellent lighting

Beautiful balcony

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