Day 11 [Dharamsala] To Faint Or Not To Faint

HEADACHE AND FEVER GONE, but with the diarrhea coming every other hour, I have no way of doing any sight-seeing. I thought this will be another boring day spent in my bed reading books either on my bed or in the toilet, but this is India, and things never go monotonous.

So, in the evening, I forced myself out for dinner, somewhere near the guesthouse. I was feeling better and the rain stopped, and this was giving me lots of motivation. I was having vegetable Thukpa (noodles in piping hot soup) which should be fine for me, until when I was about to finish, I started feeling queesy. I was confused, was I about to vomit? Is my diarrhea coming? I stood up wanting to ask directions for the toilet when suddenly everything blacked out, and I fainted onto a nearby chair. I was not hurt, but I was sure that on my pale face were two very red ears. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life. The waiters brought me to a couch where I slowly recovered. They insisted on an ambulance but I felt good enough and went back to rest by myself.

I hope they were not feeling bad because I am sure their food had nothing to do with my fainting. In fact, the Thukpa was really nice! I guess it was subconscious’ way of getting me stories to write, which I now laugh at, but still with my ears flushing red.

Environment associations have branches in Dharamsala, promoting the message of caring for our Earth

Filtered boiled water sold at many sites in Dharamsala, reducing the use of plastic bottles for mineral water

Buddhist monks debating with a clap of their hands at the monastery

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