Day 20 [Jodhpur] It Gets Better

A TRIP TO THE MEHERANGARH FORT IS AN IMPOSING EXPERIENCE. An eye-candy for historical whizzes, the fort’s audio guide is well prepared in 11 languages to help turn the most knowledgeable traveler into instant fans. Views onto the blue city is breathtaking, and the guide then tells you that the area is home to the Brahmin caste community, how convenient?

Miniature paintings and a large collection of artifacts are well preserved in the fort’s museum. The museum shop offers overpriced but good quality Rajasthani souvenirs, and some pieces that I have never seen outside of this shop. The view of the distant Umaid Bhawan palace along with the fort walls that surrounds the city, is an unforgettable experience, one that can only be imagined in dreams of the ancient kingdoms.

JASWANT THADA, KNOWN AS THE TAJ MAHAL OF MARWAR, stands tall in marble white, looking over a holy lake. Built by Sardar Singhji in memory of hi father, Maharaja Jaswant Singh, this cenotaph now became the cemeteries of subsequent royals. The contrast in the marble and the red sandstone gives it a whimsical yet serene feel.

My guesthouse lies near to the Sardar Market, a busy one where locals gather for their everyday needs. It comes to life every morning, and is always crowded with people and cows. Spices and jootis (pointy shoes) are among the favorite goods sold here. I bought nothing but the walk through the market was a surreal feeling.

Having no high expectations, Jodhpur has lived up to become my second favorite city in India (after Dharamsala). I loved it even more when my host helped me get internet services from my mobile with only Rs 50 a month! After all that exhausting journeys, I have a feeling that my remaining days will start getting better.

The Jaswant Thada, a marble resting place for past royal families


Jodhpur, a city painted in blue because of the villagers from the Brahmin caste


Beautiful glass walls decorated with colorful paintings inside the well kept fort


A snapshot with fellow travelers from China

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