Day 2 [Lake Tekapo] What’s With The Rain?


AFTER A DISAPPOINTING FIRST DAY, we managed to regain our high spirits for an adventure somewhere far from the Red Zone (at least far enough from the saddening views of half ruined buildings). Contrary to our wishes, the whole town was so devastated that most of its valuable sights are still surrounded by atrocious yellow tapes.
One paradise amidst all of these is the Mona Vale garden. A quaint little park in the middle of town, showcasing itself with well maintained lawns, cottage-styled houses and a community of carefree ducks. Another good change is the Canterbury Museum. The museum is worth visiting if you have time in Christchurch. It has a wonderful collection, and a cute little seashell house in display.
According to Eric, this trip is just starting to get better. I nearly trusted him until a storm came in while we are heading towards Lake Tekapo. The weather in New Zealand can be erratic sometimes. I’ve heard other travelers mumbling about having a few days of blissful sunshine followed by days of heavy rain. Even in the middle of summer, temperature can change rapidly, proving my “T-shirt and shorts” plan unrealistic. According to locals, it is best to dress in layers, as you can experience all four seasons crammed into one day. Even though it was getting wetting as we ascend into the mountains, I am feeling lucky to be traveling in the comfort of our own rental car.
Quiet change in Mona Vale Garden
House filled with seashells in Canterbury Museum
Alpacas! Alpacas! Alpacas!
HAVE YOU EVER ARRIVED AT A FAMOUS SIGHT FEELING TRICKED? Finding the views so different from what you’ve seen on the postcards that you doubted if you were in the correct place? I try not to be negative while traveling but Lake Tekapo looks so different from what it is advertised. At least not today. With strong gust of wind blowing, followed by short bursts of showers here and there, the lake isn’t pretty at all. Anyhow, we still went through the mandatory photo taking and rushed back to our hostel in hopes that it’ll get better tomorrow.
Lake Tekapo is filled with accommodation choices but the only true budget one is the YHA. Clean and just a short walk away from the lake, beds can be a steal especially during peak months. The name Tekapo means “sleeping mat” and “night” in Maori and so this place has long been used as a stopover. Its boasts one of the clearest air in the Southern Hemisphere but unfortunately, it was so too much cloudy when we were there, the only fun we had was during our routine grocery shopping and dinner. Well, best hopes for tomorrow.


All the best men knows their food.


Lakeside view from the YHA Lake Tekapo


The Church of Good Shepherd

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