Day 13 [Arthur’s Pass] Wet and Depressed

???????????????????????????????AFTER ENDING THE PREVIOUS DAY ON A HIGH, TODAY BROUGHT US TO A DEEP END OF FRUSTRATION. As we prepared to traverse over Arthur’s Pass back to Christchurch, we were greeted by wet weather, further dampening our spirits. Arthur’s Pass and its surroundings were expected to be on huge uniquely beautiful alpine landscape. However, when it rains, the Southern Alps look depressed.

One nice change to our melancholy came as two enthusiastic Malaysians. Tan and Fang, a lovely couple currently backpacking and working through NZ. These two were determined to hitchhike all the way through West Coast, which is a very commendable act (especially under this weather). Maybe someday, when it feels right, I should try hitchhiking too…


A lone Weka bird along the highway


The highway was still scenic with poor weather

THE DRIVE WAS UNEVENTFUL, TO SAY THE LEAST. And we arrived Akaroa in just in time to visit one attraction before heading to dinner. Shamara Alpacas advertised that they offer visits to their alpaca farm, complete with a guided tour. However, when we arrived, we were told that the farm was closed due to the storm. How depressing is that? We came all the way and only got short glimpses of their furry eyes through the gates.

Meanwhile, back in Akaroa, we dumped our bags in the hostel, only to find that our room was way too crowded and damp for our comfort. Eric and I decided to stay at the lounge through the evening, making plans for our next and very last day in NZ. There was no beautiful night skies tonight, no more relaxing conversation with beers in our hands.

Just when I was preparing to crawl back to my woeful dreary mood, Eric said, with a sense of enlightenment, something I’ll never forget. He said, “To see things as they are, not as we think they should be,”. How true is that? While enjoying the past few days of travel bliss, I forgot how to accept the lows of travel. Travel, just like life in general, would never go as scheduled. That is what makes it so interesting.


Cute alpacas peeking at us


An old cottage style backpackers hostel


Akaroa is one a French colony, obvious through its French deco


Sitting at the lounge reflecting on my journey, no levitation today~

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