Day 14 [Akaroa, Banks Peninsula] It’s OK, Let’s Go Home


BANKS PENINSULA IS A VOLCANIC PIECE OF LAND PROTRUDING OUT FROM CANTERBURY. The land is very rugged, has many rivers and valleys, and is home to early Maori settlers. After yesterday’s moody experience, I started our last day with a very positive spirit. The town of Akaroa is cute historical settlement. We drove around and ogled at its fascinating museums, French-themed buildings and the Onaku Maroe church.


The quiet port at Akaroa


The colorful Onaku Maroe church

DRIVING AROUND BANKS PENINSULA, WE FOUND OURSELVES SEVERAL PHOTOGENIC SPOTS. We discovered a secluded beach near Le Bons Bay, and another one with amazing sand at Okains Bay. The view of Lyttleton from uphill is also very charming.

“What a way to end our trip?” I told Eric, “We had many great moments today.” Reflecting at our travels thus far, we came to a conclusion. Everyday’s a brand new journey, we may never know what lies in front of us. To be able to regard every thing with curiosity and appreciation, is the best way to cherish life. There were many life lessons that came through this trip. I have witnessed some exceptionally beauty in this blessed country. To sum up, I would say that I am very satisfied. It’s OK, let’s go home.


NZ is truly a photographer’s paradise


Finishing off all our remaining food at a campsite


Amazing! Lost for words.


Lyttleton from afar


Goodbye New Zealand.


Levitation of the day: Okains Bay

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