IMG_1450The team of medical professionals and hardworking volunteers who gave a gift of love to the children and people of Mukuru Kwa Njenga in Nairobi, Kenya.


Mukuru Kwa Njenga is just one of the many slums in Nairobi. Due to the poor road conditions, we had to walk our way into the school where the free clinic is held. Leading the way in front of us are armed guards and a school teacher.


Our first day of work involves transporting and unpacking of the supplies, which includes all sorts of medications for the clinic and stationeries for the children.


A view of the school, built upon the contributions of many kind-hearted souls.


The classrooms are ill-equipped. Students typically sit on the bare floor. Textbooks are usually provided by the school and shared among the classmates.


Patients walk from near and far just to get to see a doctor (or a dentist), sometimes their first appointment in years.


A grateful patient who came back to thank us for the medications. He suffered from spinal cord injury and could not stand up straight due to pain. Our drugs helped eased his pain and gave him much needed confidence.


My good friend Elijah. He is a schoolteacher and helped out as a translator.


A young girl trying to read health education brochures given to them.


The ladies of the kitchen preparing lunch for the volunteers and the school children.


With money raised from Taiwan, we bought eggs for the kitchen, supplying the children with a good protein source, giving them a boost in their nutrition.


Young ones lining up for the share of beans for lunch.


The children will bring their lunch bowls back to class where they sit with their classmates.


Aren’t they precious?


Pastor James has been preaching about love and contributing to the local community for years. I have to salute him for the long term efforts in educating the young children of Kenya.

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