Thanks to Martin and Heather, I had the chance to visit another slum in Nairobi, named Kawangware. Situated just a wall away from the sophisticated affluent neighborhood of Lavington Estate, I witness first hand how humans are segregated according to their wealth.???????????????????????????????

The main road in Kawangware. People whom normally go on with their usual daily business stopped to look at me, someone way out of their norm. It is almost impossible to see foreigners walking around here.


My dear friend Martin, who was kind enough to show me his hometown and shared a great deal about how he struggled whilst growing up. This is a nice local lunch served in a market.


How precious is Sara! She just melts my heart. I had so much fun with her, looking at her books and trying to understand her Swahili-English conversation.???????????????????????????????

Martin is currently leading a kids’ football team in Kawangware, trying to give the children a more positive outlook in life. Here’s the small but cozy team’s office.


A walk through the local market. All those fresh produce!


The local kids are always excited when you have a camera in hand. They would go screaming “Pikka pikcha! (Take a picture!)” and “Hello Mzungu (Hello white person)”.

These children are lucky to be involved in a after-school sports team rather than in drugs and gangs. This field is just a short walk away from illegal breweries and backstreets where drugs were sold. Notice their footballs and team jerseys. All clothes and shoes were donated and shared amongst the teammates. The footballs were so worn out they now look naked.???????????????????????????????Martin prep-talking to the team. Always an inspiration, I believe his positive outlook in life will bring out the best in these young boys.

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