Days spent in the monstrous Intrepid “truck”. (Don’t you dare call it a bus!)???????????????????????????????

Started our journey with a visit to the New Hope Children’s Center. I think they are doing a good job giving these children a safe home and education.???????????????????????????????

Lake Nakuru NP. Close encounters with the buffaloes.

Local women selling cute handwoven souvenirs.???????????????????????????????

Columbus monkeys lurking around the branches.???????????????????????????????

One thing I’ve learned during the safari is… Hippos may look cute but they actually extremely dangerous!


Biking excursion into Hellsgate NP. The roads can be very dusty and rocky at times but definitely worth the trip.???????????????????????????????

See how close I can get to my dear Zebra friend.???????????????????????????????

The beautiful gorge which served as a filming set for Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider movie.???????????????????????????????

Taking a boat ride in Lake Naivasha.???????????????????????????????A pair of fish eagles.

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