These are our trustworthy tents for the whole safari trip. After a few days, I became experts in assembling them.???????????????????????????????

The Maasai chief and his brother, son and friend.???????????????????????????????

The Maasai people still live in traditional mud houses.

Maasai women having a great time looking at their pictures.???????????????????????????????

Let’s join hands in a Maasai dance.???????????????????????????????

Following the footsteps of his big brother.???????????????????????????????

Young males aged 17-25 are designated warriors. During this period, they usually camp near the village, hunt for animals and protect the villagers. This is a honorable duty they have to complete before attaining adulthood.???????????????????????????????

Stories by the campfire.???????????????????????????????

A Maasai warrior showing us how comfortable his bed of leaves are.???????????????????????????????

The Maasai warriors challenge each other to a jumping contest. The higher you jump, the more likely you’ll get a good wife. (I’m doing quite well huh?)???????????????????????????????

My new found friend.???????????????????????????????

A herd of elephants roaming around us.


Beauty is everywhere.???????????????????????????????

A lioness taking a siesta.???????????????????????????????

Candelabra trees look eerie to me.IMG_3077

Wildebeest migration.???????????????????????????????

An elephant having dinner.???????????????????????????????

Zebra crossing (No pun intended)???????????????????????????????

These birds are freaks! They look scary.

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