The Serengeti is just sheer wilderness. ???????????????????????????????

A big family of hippos having a good time in their mud baths.

Zebras munching under the bright blue sky.???????????????????????????????

These is awesome.???????????????????????????????

Dusty roads leading to the wild.???????????????????????????????

A male ostrich chasing her mate.

The female ostrich awaits the male patiently.???????????????????????????????

Hi there, humans!???????????????????????????????

A Maasai man with his cattle with a herd of giraffes in the background.???????????????????????????????

I am floating!???????????????????????????????

The sunset is amazing.


The king of the savannah trying to do the nasty with his mistress.???????????????????????????????

A young male lion after a feed.???????????????????????????????

Look how close we are to the lion.???????????????????????????????


Home-cooked Tanzanian delicacies.???????????????????????????????

A striving artist community.???????????????????????????????

Maasai drawings.???????????????????????????????

These are refugees from Mozambique showing refined wood craftsmanship.???????????????????????????????

Young students of the Mto Wa Mbu elementary school.10300873_10152278682335248_732798821339743742_nMy family. Papa and mama on the right, three lovely sisters in between.

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