The advertisement slogan of the Kilimanjaro beer. I did not get to climb it this time, but I sure gulped down quite some liters of it.???????????????????????????????

The old Lawns Hotel.???????????????????????????????

I wonder if it is haunted? ???????????????????????????????

A baby chameleon we found during our village walk. Can I keep it????????????????????????????????

Barbara telling us how she and her team worked teaching teachers how to teach in the Village Education Project.???????????????????????????????

A visit to the Amani Children’s Center for street kids.???????????????????????????????

My buddy here wants to be a tour guide some day.

We may have lost the football game, but at least we survived (too many injuries… too many…)984203_10152355317271342_6506841962079666155_n

Our fabulous tour leader Leleh.1937469_10152355314221342_2221928547064484502_n

Mealtime routine. Step 1: Wash your hands using only these three buckets of water.10359318_10152355313556342_1367856605112269529_n

Step 2: After eating, get on with your chores!10527839_10152355313626342_4114539279397309272_nStep 3: Everybody flap your plates! Bonus points if you get creative with your moves.

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