Confusing local transport to get to Zanzibar Island.???????????????????????????????

On board the bus.???????????????????????????????

Walking through the narrow alleys of the historic Stonetown. ???????????????????????????????

These doors are lavishly decorated to represent the occupation and heritage of its owners (the sharp stuff is to keep imaginary elephants out) ???????????????????????????????

Spice trading is once and still a big part of life for Zanzibaris. A lot of the spices are grown locally.???????????????????????????????

As a major port for slave trading, Stonetown once housed the slaves before they were shipped elsewhere. Up to 50 slaves were enclosed in these cells for days, and the weak ones were left to die.???????????????????????????????

This is a heart-breaking walk back to the inhumane history of slaving.

Stonetown’s port during sunset.???????????????????????????????

A night market by the beach.???????????????????????????????

Last day of the trip: we were surprised to be able to stay in such a beautiful hotel.???????????????????????????????

My dear friend and room mate Henrique giving two thumbs up.???????????????????????????????

This is paradise.???????????????????????????????

Having a great time snorkelling.???????????????????????????????

Wow, I could just die here.???????????????????????????????

Clear blue waters.

White sandy beaches.???????????????????????????????

Mesmerizing sunsets.???????????????????????????????

And a birthday party.???????????????????????????????If heaven’s not better than this, I am staying here.

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