Waterfalls upon a romantic autumn setting in Minnehaha Park.IMG_1782

The pride of Minneapolis, old mills and decades of development.IMG_1870

Skyways fill the city. You’ll never need to brave the cold.IMG_1873

Just one of the indoor office/department store within the skyways.

A very calm looking puppy at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.


Who would ever guess that I’d stumble upon Malaysian food in Minnesota.IMG_1859

Lots to celebrate. Too much food!IMG_1838

My host Henry and me going from one restaurant to another each night. I think we have visited all the best ones in Rochester.IMG_1795

The majestic lobby of Mayo Clinic during a peaceful Sunday afternoon.IMG_1798

Here’s how an ambulance looks like many years ago.IMG_1849

Some of the staff from the Department of Integrative Medicine in Mayo.IMG_1831

Me giving a grand round presentation. I regard myself as Tzu Chi’s and Taiwan’s goodwill ambassador, hehe!IMG_1835

The very generous and always humorous Dr. Brent Bauer, the director of the Department of Integrative Medicine.IMG_1854

Dr. Amit Sood, founder of the SMART program for stress-free living.
IMG_1811Alex Do, the acupuncturist who spent time with me discussing about good local Asian eateries (and also about Chinese Medicine, of course).

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