Breathtaking views everywhere! The Grand Canyon is truly an unforgettable experience.???????????????????????????????

Look, I am wiggling my legs on the edge of the cliff!IMG_2039

Seizing the moment for a sunset portrait.

One of the historical ruins in Grand Canyon National Park.


Contrasting colors at the red rock country of Sedona.???????????????????????????????

Sedona is famous for its vortices. Here I am jumping high as ever after a replenishing my energy from one vortex.???????????????????????????????

An odd-looking cathedral surrounded by red rock.

Arizona’s own Casa Grande National Monument. Ruins left by native Americans decades ago.
IMG_2097Beautiful wooden roof against a deep blue sky.
IMG_2098Walking around the historical blocks in Scottsdale.

How high can I go?


A newly built cancer center with a strong Integrative Medicine presence.


The Lake Mead recreation area en route to Tucson.


Hoover Dam.

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