How appropriate to start off the celebration with a skit by our own funny Dmitri.IMG_2192

Insightful conversations with the two Reverend monks about end-of-life care.

Dr. Donald Abrams, renowned integrative oncologist.IMG_2185

So proud to see our teachers hosting a Fed Up documentary premiere event.IMG_2272

The leaders of Integrative Medicine: Drs. Hilary McClafferty, Andrew Weil and Victoria Maizes.IMG_2275

Dr. Weil speaking to the graduate class AKA the future leaders of integrative medicine.IMG_2265

Anu giving a thoughtful graduating speech. Her words still vibrates in me until today!IMG_2276

Now we have our walking sticks, we are ready to save (heal) the world!

Me and Akihito from Japan. The only two doctors from Asia.IMG_2256

Pierre from Switzerland.IMG_2255

Friendly fight with Robert. I know I’ll never win a guy wearing kilts.IMG_2257

Best buddy Andy as graduating classmates in Hogwarts.IMG_2262

More uses of the walking stick! So versatile.


Back to where all this started. Dr. Weil’s book got me into integrative medicine many years ago.
1625485_378005215697519_5067270222661951549_nMy tribe, my family. Now we spread our wings and try to do good in this world.

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