2015-06-11 10.13.07

Exploring Oslo on bikes

What do you want from me?DSC_0529

Chinese kungfu. Look at the faces behind us.DSC_0532

Large cruise ship docking near the old fortress

The Holmenkollen Ski ParkDSC_0599 DSC_0618 DSC_0636

The art of imitating artDSC_0644

The art of imitating art – how to pose like a statueDSC_0645

The art of imitating art – how to pose like a statue – Duo version
2015-06-11 10.33.20

Akershus fortress
2015-06-11 11.55.40

Grocery shopping – Oslo style
2015-06-11 17.29.12 2015-06-11 17.39.50 2015-06-11 18.42.29 2015-06-11 20.53.00

Jackson explaining the proper way of making a cheese and jam cracker2015-06-11 23.10.13

First night out on the balcony2015-06-12 19.35.08

More visitors. Meals cooked the Malaysian-Norwegian way.2015-06-13 05.01.31 2015-06-13 05.02.13Celebrating my Aunt’s birthday

(Some photos courtesy of Eric Chen)

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