AFTER MEETING EMMA AT THE BUS STATION AND SAYING OUR LAST GOODBYES, I WENT ON A 8 HOUR BUS JOURNEY TO CUSCO. The ride was not as bad as I thought it would be, even better because of the beautiful views along the way.

My stay at Pisko & Soul was booked several weeks earlier. Cusco is a very attractive place for foreigners. This guesthouse is almost always full and yet the owners spent time emailing me about details such as transportation fares, cool places to eat etc.

THE CITY IS SMALL ENOUGH TO WALK AROUND, but be aware of the altitude. I’ve decided to slow down and savor it bits by bits. While walking through one of the plazas, I met Aliocha, a fellow tour member back in Colca Canyon. We went for beer, taquenos and salsa, contemplating on how travels make our lives interesting.



Since they were in town too, Alejandro and Claudia from Mexico asked me to join them for Salsa (the dance). There many clubs in Cusco, but Mythology seems to have rave reviews.

The night started with us an instructor perfecting our salsa moves. Then, it was rounds of drinks and alternating salsa and electronic dance songs. We were having so much fun I didn’t want it to end. Be it salsa (the sauce) or salsa (the dance), Cusco never cease to amaze.



Cathedral in Cusco


A cultural performance

IMG_5763 (2)

Night fall in Cusco


What are you peeking?

IMG_5766 (2)

Cool moves!

IMG_5765 (2)

Everyone in a circle

IMG_5764 (2)

I wish this night would never end!

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