NEVER WOULD I EXPECT TO SPEND MY LAST FEW HOURS IN PERU FRANTICALLY LOOKING FOR CASH. Since losing my credit card and finding that my ATM card won’t work (see how I came into this mess here), I have been meticulous with my spendings, down to the last cent. However, things never go as planned during travels, and I find myself caught in yet another cash-less dilemma.

I had to find cash to pay for my hostel since the credit card system is not working (yet again). I also had to find cash to post my 20+ postcards (no use sending them from Taiwan), and for my taxi fare to the airport later today.

Luckily this being a Monday, I successfully found a bank that would give me cash-in-advance with a hefty transaction fee. I would care less for losing money, as long as I can get back home safe and sound. Just as I happily fill my pockets with cash, I walked past a post office that accepts credit cards! Holy shit! Nevertheless, the postcards were sent out, hoping that my friends would receive them, grateful for the lengths I went through.

Julio my taxi driver spoke with me about how he moved from a small countryside village to Lima in search of a better life. Now 60 years young, he reminisces about the everyday struggles while hoping for a meaningful retirement. I, was first surprised of how I managed to converse with him with my poor Spanish. Then, another thing struck me. Regardless of how different our languages, food and culture may be, ultimately, we essentially share many core values.

Our search for happiness, our dedication for our families, and our need for love. Peru may be thousands of miles away, but deep down, we may be more similar than different. This and many other revelations are the reason why I travel. We look outwards to explore what’s inside of us.

Sitting in my economy seat one-hour into the flight, I was asked in English, “What can I get you Sir?”. “Pisco sour, please.” I replied. “That’s all?” she said. I replied almost immediately with “Si (Yes, in Spanish)”. Pisco sour and “Si”, all the gifts Peru has given me.



The post office that accepts credit cards


Look at the red ornament, my friendly offering to Julio

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