“Sorry, your flight has been delayed. You need to get your luggage and we will board you on the next available plane.” One of the most inconvenient travel scenarios is when transportation gets delayed at the start of the trip. Since our first leg’s is arriving late,  we may not catch our once a day flight to Brussels. We are already imagining ourselves stuck in Hong Kong for a full day~

Not giving up without a fight, Caren and I me continued to hover the ground staff, small talking our way to the possibility of getting on another flight. “So, we have a KLM flight transiting through Amsterdam, or an Emirates one going through Dubai.” Music to our ears, we opted to pay Dubai a visit.

Waiting for our flight

Flying economy on Emirates is such a wonderful experience, the seats and food surpassed our expectations.

Flight attendants photo-bombing us

The Dubai airport is a standard modern airport, filled with duty free shopping options. However, we were a little disappointed for its lack of local culture

One of the few spots that mildly resemble the Arabic world outside


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