Day 43 [Lake George] Love For Nature

IT IS EXCITING ENOUGH to find people who loves nature as you do, it is even more better to go enjoy the outdoors with them. Albany is situated near the Hudson river, with the Catskill Mountains and the Adirondacks just nearby. Justin's apartment itself is a beautiful and clean place, there is a big yard with green grasses that seemed nice enough for us…Read more Day 43 [Lake George] Love For Nature

Day 42 [Tanglewood] Feast Of Celebration

I ENJOYED STAYING WITH Lisa and Justin, they have such fun and inspiring personalities, I knew we were made to be best of friends. Justin is actually sick with cancer, and previously with inherited ulcerative colitis, so health for him, means to be able to continue living a productive life. He seems really compliant to…Read more Day 42 [Tanglewood] Feast Of Celebration