D1 [Brisbane] You’re Always Alright, Mate!

Albie's rental house in Coopers Plains. And that is our beautiful rental car. The Five are having a helluva time in the car. Indian food. That's what we can afford for now. Spacious AirBnB flat for our week-long stay Diligently spitting into a tube for genetic experimentation Connie is so familiar with this! She's a pro.…Read more D1 [Brisbane] You’re Always Alright, Mate!

Day 14 [Akaroa, Banks Peninsula] It’s OK, Let’s Go Home

BANKS PENINSULA IS A VOLCANIC PIECE OF LAND PROTRUDING OUT FROM CANTERBURY. The land is very rugged, has many rivers and valleys, and is home to early Maori settlers. After yesterday's moody experience, I started our last day with a very positive spirit. The town of Akaroa is cute historical settlement. We drove around and…Read more Day 14 [Akaroa, Banks Peninsula] It’s OK, Let’s Go Home