Day 16 [Pathankot] Don’t Stop The Wheels

MY BIG 'TRANSPORTATION' DAY STARTED YESTERDAY EVENING when I departed Dharamsala on a 5-hour bus ride to Pathankot. From here it is a 13-hour train journey to Bikaner in the deserts of Rajasthan. Transportation in India is unexpected. I remember reading a front cover depicting how a Japanese metro train missed its usual platform by…Read more Day 16 [Pathankot] Don’t Stop The Wheels

Day 14 [Dharamsala] More On Tibet

DHARAMSALA, BEING THE TIBETAN GOVERNMENT-IN-EXILE, is the political hub of experts and activists dedicating their efforts in bringing back Tibetans' their independence. According to my book, the Secretariat and library is just a couple of kilometres away from McLeod Ganj but experience tells me once again that we should never trust the book. In reality,…Read more Day 14 [Dharamsala] More On Tibet