Summer at the Eastern Seaboard

“Summer at the Eastern Seaboard” is about Dr. F’s  2-month trip to the States. Summer of 2008, he went on a one-man trip to the East Coast of USA, in search of knowledge and opportunities. Dr. F met with strangers that related to him instantly, as well as culture differences that opened his eyes as well as his heart.

Day 1 [KL-NJ] The Longest Day Of My Life

Day 2 [NYC] Too Much For One Day

Day 3 [NYC] They Asian-ized New York

Day 4 [NYC] Over and Under

Day 5 [NYC] It Needs Passion

Day 6 [NYC] Don’t Ya Fret The Colors

Day 7 [NYC] Trying To Save A Life

Day 8 [NYC] It’s A Small World

Day 9 [NYC] The Music Of Friendship

Day 10 [NYC] Living Like A City Rat

Day 11 [NYC] I Want To Stay

Day 12 [NYC] All The Colorful Stuff

Day 13 [NYC] These Feet Are Made For Walking

Day 14 [NYC] Brooklyn Bridge, Gramercy Park, Flatiron and Garment District

Day 15 [NYC] Short One

Day 16 [NYC] Home Sweet Homestay

Day 17 [NYC] The White, Blue And Green

Day 18 [NYC] Malaysians Like To Eat

Day 19 [NYC] Surprise Surprise

Day 20 [Boston] A Different Place (Pace)

Day 21 [Boston] Just Hanging Out

Day 22 [NYC] All The Medical Stuff

Day 23 [NYC] From Doctor To Patient

Day 24 [NYC] Mother Nature Is Angry

Day 25 [NYC] Two Little Red Hens Met Bryant

Day 26 [NYC] Goodbye Cornell

Day 27 [Philadelphia & DC] How Many States In A Day?

Day 28 [Shenandoah & Baltimore] Transportation

Day 29 [DC] Homestays And Georgetown University

Day 30 [DC] All Things Smithsonian

Day 31 [DC & NYC] My One Month Anniversary

Day 32 [NYC] Fitting And Proper

Day 33 [NYC] Sweet, Hot And Saucy

Day 34 [NYC] The Best Of New York City

Day 35 [NYC] The Land Of Opportunity

Day 36 [Albany] My Coldest Summer

Day 37 [Albany] Feedin’ Myself With A Budget

Day 38 [Albany] I’m In Prison

Day 39 [Albany] No Flesh For Me

Day 40 [Albany] A Place To Sleep Tight

Day 41 [Catskills & Woodstock] Reflection

Day 42 [Tanglewood] Feast Of Celebration

Day 43 [Lake George] Love For Nature

Day 44 [Albany] Tashi Dele

Day 45 [Albany] The Art Of Gastronomy

Day 46 [Albany] Sensible Healing

Day 47 [Albany] Decide Where To Reside

Day 48 [Kinderhook, Hudson & Woodbury] Merry Travels

Day 49 [NYC] Free For All

Day 50 [NYC] Being Zoo-otic

Day 51 [NYC] Last Minute Tourist

Day 52 [NYC] Yummy Munch Crunch

Day 53 [NYC] Dance 4 Ur Life

Day 54 [NYC – Malaysia] Cancel The Day

The Top Tens

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