The High and Lows of a Californian Road Trip

“The High and Lows of a Californian Road Trip” is travel pornography at its best. Dr. F spent one week, more than 1000 kilometers and countless jaw-dropping awes during a classic road trip through Central California. He shared this amazing journey with best friend Ariel, who drove for the first time in her life! Together they braved breathtaking Yosemite trails, scorching Death Valley hikes and dizzying Pacific Coastal Highway drives. Their result, a gallery of beautiful scenery, all captured and forever retained in digital film.

Day 1 Yosemite Valley

Day 2 Tuolumne Meadows, Mono Lake and Bodie

Day 3 Death Valley National Park

Day 4 Eastern Sierra and Cambria

Day 5 Heart Castle and Big Sur

Day 6 Monterey and San Jose

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