No Worries in Brissie

Dr. F and his siblings went on a Brisbane family trip to visit his youngest brother, Albie. “No Worries in Brissie” is the first Australia trip for Dr. F. While excited for Vegemite and the kangaroos, there is nothing more important the opportunity for his family to reunite and enjoy each others’ company. With not much on the itinerary, most of their time were spent exploring the little corners of Brisbane, and shopping for groceries in Coles’ supermarket every now and then.

D1 [Brisbane] You’re Always Alright, Mate!

D2 [Brisbane] I Can Get Used To Relaxing Mondays

D3 [Lone Pine and UQ] Marsupial Adventure

D4 [Toowoomba] Much Ado About Nothing

D5 [Brisbane] Taking It Slow

D6 [Gold Coast] All That Glitters Is… Sand

D7 [Sunshine Coast] A Day of Love and Splendour

D8 [Brisbane] Last Moments