Holy Indian Cow

Determined to keep up with the a-post-a-day commitment, Dr. F writes his daily accounts while he travels deep into North India, all by himself. Fascinated by the Indian culture, this trip finds Dr. F deep in the Himalayas, confronting the Indian-Pakistani border, marveling more temples that he could have imagined. Join him daily, as he embarks on his soul-searching journey, a trip that will prove truly memorable.

Day 1 [Delhi] No Boredom Here

Day 2 [Delhi] This Is Crazy

Day 3 [Delhi] Don’t You Get Touted

Day 4 [Rishikesh] Yogi In The Making

Day 5 [Rishikesh] All The Healthy Stuff

Day 6 [Haridwar] Let Us All Pray

Day 7 [Haridwar] Pray For Health

Day 8 [Amritsar] All Golden And Jovial

Day 9 [Amritsar] Who Is Crazier?

Day 10 [Dharamsala] Recuperate

Day 11 [Dharamsala] To Faint Or Not To Faint

Day 12 [Dharamsala] A Whole New World Of Friends

Day 13 [Dharamsala] Free Tibet

Day 14 [Dharamsala] More On Tibet

Day 15 [Dharamsala] Goodbye Hurts

Day 16 [Pathankot] Don’t Stop The Wheels

Day 17 [Bikaner] Well Worth The Wait

Day 18 [Bikaner] Beyond Expectations

Day 19 [Jodhpur] Home Away From Home

Day 20 [Jodhpur] It Gets Better

Day 21 [Osian] Green Desert

Day 22 [Osian] Rural Excursion

Day 23 [Udaipur] Romantic And Friendly

Day 24 [Udaipur] Let It Rain

Day 25 [Kumbhalgarh] Of Fields And Forts

Day 26 [Udaipur] Eye-ing For Red

Day 27 [Surya Nagar] The Big Bhang

Day 28 [Jaipur] White, Black, Yellow And Pink

Day 29 [Jaipur] Victorious Me

Day 30 [Fatehpur Sikri] Overcoming Fear

Day 31 [Agra] Once In A Lifetime

Day 32 [Delhi] Last But Not Least

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