Encircling Taiwan

“Encircling Taiwan” is Dr. F’s cycling journey encircling the Taiwan island, covering about 1000km of road. With his gang of happy friends, and some help from several acquaintances along the way, Dr. F overcame the greatest physical and mental challenge of his life.

[Prologue] Daydreamer

[Day 1] At The Beginning

[Day 2] Self Help

[Day 3] Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

[Day 4] City of Blinding Lights

[Day 5] All The Small Things

[Day 6] This Is Why I’m Hot

[Day 7] Long Slow Slide

[Day 8] Happy People

[Day 9] Everyday is a Winding Road

[Day 10] Sea and Rhythm

[Day 11] The End has Only Begun

[Epilogue] Home

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